Automatic data updates are only one part of managing customer master data. PointData provides a base layer with IDN, GPO and Distributor updates, however your company needs are unique and as such this data must be maintained and enriched to provide maximal value. As such, we have built a web-based data platform which will allow you to customize data received from our API and update based on your unique data rules.


API Connection

Companies can connect up directly to our platform via the API. This makes it easy to quickly modify which GPOs, IDNs and even which websites are accepted by a given partner. Yet all this data can be modified in real time by PointData right in the customer’s data portal, rapidly and easily, via our API. Customers are also updated in real time.


Cloud-based Data Management

The PointData platform uses our specially designed proprietary applications to manage data for our clients. Data from rosters is structured, cleaned and enriched so that is can be validated by third-party sources, and then put to work by the pharmaceuticals company. Our real-time management saves your company significant amounts of time and money.


Inteligant Validation

In most companies, validation is done via manual checks typically performed after a rebate request failed. Due to our automatic data pulls, we create smart validation rules which enable automatically updates and additions. Updates Include:

  • Automatic Addition of New Sites
  • Automatic Verification of Location
  • Highlighting Deverters
  • Alignment of sites to GPO/IDN/Distributors Roster

Screenshots of PointData Software

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Maintenance of master data is a time consuming, tedious and viewed as a non-value adding business functions. However without this key function organizations would be unable to sell products and when mistakes occur customers, sales reps, business partners and regulators all quickly voice their displeasure. Instead of making non-value adding updates, your teams should be focused on top spenders and how to better sell. Isn’t it time your organization re-evaluate your approach to master data maintenance?