PointData started with a focus on reshaping the way Contracts & Rebates at Pharma, Biotech and Medical Device companies operated.  It quickly became apparent that in addition to data, companies needed both tools to manage their data and expert consulting support to facilitate the change.

As such, PointData has expanded our offerings to provide a full end to end transformation where we can assist businesses as they re-evaluate processes, manage their updates and ingest our data. Every partner is different, but in past engagements we have provided the following support:

Main benefits:


Contracting Strategy

Contracting involves numerous stakeholders, systems and processes. We find that a comprehensive program is necessary to ensure all stakeholders are moving towards the same strategic goals. The object is to increase customer satisfaction while reducing the total cost of service.


Process Excellence

We map all the processes involved in GPO and IDN roster management, making deep dives to assess every detail. This enables us to understand the entire end-to-end process and, more importantly, identify areas for further improvement. We recommend a process examination to all our clients prior to any new system implementation. We take great care to preserve the efficient working of your technology, and we ensure that the changes we make will only bring improvements.

Quantify ROI

Pharmaceuticals companies work in a complex environment, and it is difficult for an organization to improve its operations without identifying key objectives and linking them to clearly quantified values? Our team has extensive experience in calculating the value of impacting changes in a complex, regulated environment.


Organizational Assessments

Providing services like rebates which require streamlined team efforts is often challenging for pharmaceuticals firms. Do you have the right people on the right teams? We can assess your organization for operational efficiencies and determine how to make your teams work at optimum levels.

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Ready to improve your organization's master data?

Maintenance of master data is a time consuming, tedious and viewed as a non-value adding business functions. However without this key function organizations would be unable to sell products and when mistakes occur customers, sales reps, business partners and regulators all quickly voice their displeasure. Instead of making non-value adding updates, your teams should be focused on top spenders and how to better sell. Isn’t it time your organization re-evaluate your approach to master data maintenance?