Bridgewater, New Jersey — 18 March 2019 – PointData Inc. is the leading provider of Data-as-a-Service for pharmaceuticals companies’ management of member rosters from healthcare Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) and Integrated Data Networks (IDNs).

PointData provides proactive and robust monitoring and updating of IDN/GPO rosters and rebate management. We offer pharmaceuticals companies peace of mind — rosters are continually updated in real time so that accuracy is assured.

Accurate data is critical to pharmaceuticals companies if they are to get the full benefit of working with GPOs and IDNs. But, currently, each pharmaceuticals company tries to maintain its own roster manually, with revisions and updating only made when errors in the roster are discovered, resulting in opportunities for savings. The burden of adding new locations or expanding the customer list is too imposing for pharmaceuticals firms to support — they lack the tools for these operations.

PointData was founded by a team of seasoned IT professionals, all with years of experience in the healthcare industry. We believe the roster management processes and rebate processes for pharmaceuticals/biotech firms is in dire need of an update. As a result, our focus is on helping organizations to make their entire contracting process more efficient and to drive down the cost of services, freeing up resources to focus on activities that add greater value. Today, PointData is improving efficiency in the healthcare industry by offering our Data-as-a-Service platform and providing consulting services to integrate cutting-edge solutions.

Servicing Rebates

The rebate validation process and the associated support activities are proving to be too labor-intensive and costly for pharmaceuticals firms. Yet managing these rebating processes efficiently is critical to pharmaceuticals firms’ success. Rebates are, necessary to obtain formulary and tier placement. Rebates have to be negotiated with all the stakeholders in the pharmaceutical value chain every year, and then tracking how they are to be paid has become an overburdened complex process for pharmaceutical companies. Using our data-as-a-service platform, and our proprietary software solutions to manage rebates, we can cut down on the time-intensive and error-producing process used by most pharmaceuticals firms. Allowing for companies to easily track every aspect of the rebate support process in real time. PointData can cut rebate processing costs and increase value obtained from rebates, and potentially can lead to significant savings.

API Connection Aligns Business and IT

Every pharmaceuticals company has unique rules for determining its roster. PointData’s unique API connects rapidly and effectively with these companies, making it easy to quickly modify which GPOs, IDNs and even which sites are accepted by a given partner. All of this data can be modified in real time by PointData right in the customer’s data portal, with updates quickly transferred to customer’s systems , via our API. Customers are also updated in real time, and so can be alerted about and/or accept any new sites. All of our updates to the rosters are logged and shared with our partners, enabling prompt resolution of historical issues.

Aligning the business product roadmap to IT

PointData offers a full-scale consulting service package that will enable partnering with us.

We can help pharmaceuticals firms to reorganize the internal workings of the team, review pre-existing practices to streamline the roster management process and enable us to provide cutting-edge services.

We can address processing challenges and drive continuous improvement, ensuring that all contracting and rebates processes are clearly defined, providing a clear picture to stakeholders of all interactions and dependencies (for example, providing Process Maps and RACI matrices).

Contracting Strategy — providing a comprehensive program

Contracting involves numerous stakeholders, systems and processes. We find that a comprehensive program is necessary to ensure all stakeholders are moving towards the same strategic goals. The object is to increase customer satisfaction while reducing the total cost of service.

Process Excellence

We map all the processes involved in GPO and IDN roster management, making deep dives to assess every detail. This enables us to understand the entire end-to-end process and, more importantly, identify areas for further improvement. We recommend a process examination to all our clients prior to any new system implementation. We take great care to preserve the efficient working of your technology, and we ensure that the changes we make will only bring improvements.

Quantifying the Impact of Changes

Pharmaceuticals companies work in a complex environment, and it is difficult for an organization to improve its operations without identifying key objectives and linking them to clearly quantified values? Our team has extensive experience in calculating the value of impacting changes in a complex, regulated environment.

Organizational Assessments

Providing services like rebates which require streamlined team efforts is often challenging for pharmaceuticals firms. Do you have the right people on the right teams? We can assess your organization for operational efficiencies and determine how to make your teams work at optimum levels.

System Design and Implementation

We can assist in documenting requirements, configure vs. customize discussion and work with developers to deliver quality software. PointData solutions save time and money for pharmaceuticals/biotech firms. Our Data-as-a-Service platform provides solutions in the Cloud to meet all the IDN/GPO roster management and rebates needs – and these are areas in which most pharmaceuticals and biotech firms need process improvement. Contact us here to learn how we can streamline roster management and rebate processes.