Who we are

PointData was founded by a team of seasoned IT professionals, all with years of experience in the healthcare industry. We believe the roster management processes and rebate processes for pharmaceuticals/biotech firms is in dire need of an update. As a result, our focus is on helping organizations to make their entire contracting process more efficient and to drive down the cost of services, freeing up resources to focus on activities that add greater value. Much of this activity can be automated, and PointData has solutions to every aspect of these issues ready for use by pharmaceuticals firms.

PointData addresses key issues that have arisen for pharmaceuticals and biotech companies because of recent changes in the US healthcare industry. The membership rosters of GPOs and IDNs have exploded, making management of membership data a complex and challenging task. Companies must cope with masses of unstructured data, and data must be verified with third-party sources for compliance. Further, cleaning out errors in the data and updating it rapidly enough are difficult issues. But these are all issues pharmaceuticals and biotech companies must come to terms with if they are to get the most profit out of their value chain. Yet few firms are ready in terms of technology or IT know-how to get the best value out of roster data management. Nor are their IT processes and overall data strategies ready to build new solutions.


Today, PointData is improving efficiency at pharmaceuticals firms, offering them our Data-as-a-Service platform and providing consulting services to integrate cutting-edge solutions.


To find out just how comprehensive and effective the PointData offer is, please request a demo here.


PointData can provide a customized solution using its cutting-edge technology, the fruit of the team’s many years of experience in the industry. It is critical for pharmaceuticals companies to work with accurate data; PointData can supply it after intensive processing to structure, code and enrich roster and rebate data.


Try out our platform, and see how we apply our know-how to make contract and rebate management services drive profit for your company. As pharmaceuticals firms outsource their GPO and IDN roster management, they can obtain a direct and significant increase to profit from these operations. Accurate data translates directly into return on investment, because so much time is saved from unprofitable use of the data.


We can make connecting up to our platform easy and inexpensive, and then we automate all of the processes so that pharmaceuticals companies can get the best of the finished product. Because we can update in real time, your company will never have to worry about working with inaccurate data. And, because we have vast know-how about the rules and criteria for selection of roster data sets.


With our help, pharmaceuticals firms can easily track every aspect of the rebate support process in real time. PointData can cut rebate processing costs and increase value obtained from rebates.


We can also help pharmaceuticals firms build a strategy around data management. We can help pharmaceuticals firms to reorganize the internal workings of the team, review pre-existing practices to streamline the roster management process and enable us to provide cutting-edge services.