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Healthcare has underwent numerous updates in terms of regulations, technology, and landscape. Has your internal operations continued to evolve?

Our Products

Isn’t it time your organization re-evaluate your approach to master data maintenance?

Data as a Service Platform

Automatic data updates are only one part of managing customer master data. PointData provides a base layer with IDN, GPO and Distributor updates.

Consulting Services

PointData started with a focus on reshaping the way Contracts & Rebates at Pharma, Biotech and Medical Device companies operated.

Eliminate Hurdles &
Speed up Adoption

PointData provides an API for our customers to query for updated roster data. If additional rosters are needed, they will be added to our feed and automatically added to your updates.

Transparent & Trusted

All of our updates to the rosters are logged and shared with our partners. This allows for troubleshooting of historical issues and provides piece of mind as your rosters are continually updated.


Accurate data is the most important factor in correctly processing rebates. As such, we are reviewing our sources on a daily basis for changes, quickly making updates.

Reimaging Customer Master Data

PointData is helping organizations be more efficient by utilizing our Data as a Service platform and by consulting services to streamline Contracting, Rebate and Sales Compensation operations of Medical, Biotech and Pharma companies.

GPO Files

We capture all major GPO exchanges within our system and automatically update as soon as new information is released from the GPOs.

Distributor Files

Distributor provided customer master data is added and rationalized whenever new updates or information becomes available.

IDN Files

IDN data is updated via both automatic searches of new locations and via the official IDN updates. PointData makes it easy to differentiate the two types so each partner can define their master data rules.

Customer Contracts

If desired, customers can upload their contract data to provide a single source of truth for all customer data attributes.

Our Publications

Our world and way of working is rapidly evolving to remain current with changes in the medical industry. Stay up to date with our whitepapers and analysis on where the industry is heading

Future of IDNs and GPOs

Integrated Delivery Networks and Group Purchasing Organizations (IDNs and GPOs) are currently a fundamental part of the US healthcare system.

Cleaning Data

Unstructured or uncleaned data is prevalent in the US medical field and without knowing how your data managed, it can’t properly be used.

Pulling Clean Data

What if you could pull your cleaned data leveraging an API? How can we integrate with your existing tools?

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